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Faces of Za’atari

TOMS is honored to support Save the Children‘s efforts to provide relief to Syrian refugees in Jordan. Save the Children teams are on the ground providing basics like food, blankets and TOMS Winter Boots to children at the Za’atari Refugee Camp to help keep families safe and warm. Get to know a few of the kids they’ve met. MAJIDA, age 15 “I like my Arabic, English and French lessons, as well as math.” “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “I would love to be a journalist one day. In fact, I registered with the photography class…

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Helping Provide Aid to Syrian Refugees

Over 4 million children have been affected by the conflict in Syria, which is now well into its third year. Nearly 3 million of these children and their families had to flee their homes, leaving them without access to basic services like healthcare and education. They have lost their homes, and many are living in makeshift shelters or refugee camps in neighboring countries including Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt. This leaves many of them unprepared for the cold winter months. We know that today our community is counting on us to go beyond giving and to really make a…

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How we Give Shoes: Step-by-Step

At TOMS, we’re committed to creating the biggest impact possible with the shoes we give, but we recognize that we don’t have all the answers. That’s a huge part of why we partner with humanitarian organizations – we call them our “Giving Partners” — with deep experience and knowledge on the communities they serve. Once TOMS Giving Partners recognize where shoes can benefit communities and how they can distribute TOMS to those who will benefit from them, the intricacies of our giving partnership come into play. Together, we work to incorporate shoes to support the Giving Partner’s larger existing programs,…

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