With a Father’s Sight Restored, a Family Rejoices

June 10th, 2014 by TOMS

Name: Habibur
Age: 40
Country: Bangladesh
Sight Giving Partner: Quasem Foundation, Marium Eye Hospital

In 2010, Habibur, a worker at a biscuit production factory in Bangladesh, began losing sight in his right eye due to cataract. By 2012, he also lost sight in his other eye, causing him to be bilaterally blind.

Unable to see and perform his work every day, Habibur eventually lost his job, causing his family’s household income to suffer. As a result, his wife could no longer tend to the children and returned to work as a housemaid so she could support the family.

After receiving a TOMS-supported cataract surgery from Sight Giving Partner Quasem Foundation’s Marium Eye Hospital, Habibur was able to go back to work, and his wife could return to taking care of their family full-time. The doctors at Marium Eye Hospital report that after getting his sight back, Habibur was most excited to see and play with his child again.

“When people lose [their] eyesight, they start thinking negatively about their life,” the staff at Quasem Foundation shared. “But after his cataract operation, [Habibur] can see the color of his life. His life is better…and he is grateful.”