TOMS Recognizes World Refugee Day

June 19th, 2014 by TOMS

The numbers are staggering: there are over 43.7 million refugees and internally displaced people around the world. Nearly half are children, spending their entire childhood far from home because millions of families lost their homes to violence and war.

On June 20, TOMS is supporting World Refugee Day, an annual day established by the United Nations to honor the courage, strength and determination of the men, women and children who are forced to flee their homes under the threat of persecution, conflict or violence.

TOMS is proud to support our Giving Partners like UNHCR, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and Save the Children in their relief efforts that aid refugees living in camps around the world. New TOMS Shoes are given through relief interventions like child protection, education programs, sanitation and health/nutrition programs.

Currently, with the help of our Giving Partners, TOMS has given over 500,000 pairs of new shoes — from our classic TOMS Giving Shoe to Winter Boots — to refugee children. By 2015, TOMS will have given over 1 million pairs of new shoes to children living in refugee situations.

Save the Children CEO Carolyn Miles at Za'atari Camp in Jordan[3]


More than half of TOMS Giving in the Middle East is dedicated toward humanitarian and refugee relief as a result of the conflict in Syria. Together, we have been able to incorporate TOMS Giving Shoes to children refugees in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. New shoes are being incorporated into programs for refugees in various kinds of living situations — from those in refugee camps to those living in host communities or settlements.

In support of World Refugee Day, TOMS is asking for its community to learn the facts and more about what our incredible partners in the field are doing. Share them on your social media channels with the hashtag #WorldRefugeeDay.

To learn more about the refugee crisis, visit our partners’ websites:


Save the Children:

U.S. Fund for UNICEF:


International Medical Corps: