Profiles in One for One: Africare gives Jungle new TOMS Shoes

July 5th, 2014 by TOMS


Profiles in One for One: Africare gives Jungle new TOMS Shoes

Name: Jungle

Age: 16

Location: Malawi

Giving Partner: Africare

Sixteen-year-old Jungle lost both his parents before the age of eight. He regards his elder sister as his guardian, but he lives alone near his sister’s house because he does not want to burden her family. Jungle is a hustler in the best sense of the word. His grades got him accepted into secondary school, and a local church has promised to pay his fees. In addition to his schoolwork, Jungle does gardening, catches and sells fish, and performs in a drama group to earn money to buy things like his school uniform.

Jungle received a new pair of TOMS Shoes from Giving Partner Africare, whose projects across sub-Saharan Africa support communities in overcoming the development challenges they identify. In Malawi, Africare partners with schools to strengthen community-based support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children like Binauli and to improve local water, sanitation and hygiene conditions.

Jungle received his shoes during a distribution where he presented a poem in the local Chichewa language to the gathered crowd.

“But here comes a unique shoe called ‘TOMS SHOES,’ where we are yet to find a ‘Chichewa’ vernacular word for it. Once we find the word, we will whisper it to everyone since not everyone has access to a radio,” Jungle orated, “TOMS SHOES are coming to Malawi, from the American people, through Africare. TOMS, a true friend to school going children.”