Giving Partner Spotlight: Africare

July 1st, 2014 by TOMS


In case you didn’t know, Africa is rising. Important measures like child mortality are improving dramatically, and economies are gaining momentum.

TOMS Giving Partner Africare helps underserved African communities build the futures they want, and Africare and their partnering communities know educating the next generation is crucial to continued growth on the continent.

By addressing the obstacles to education, Africare helps more children go to school and perform better. Community-based support systems to pay school fees mean Orphans and Vulnerable Children get a chance to go to school that they may not have had. Increased clean water access and improved latrines on school grounds mean children, especially maturing girls, are more likely to attend. Stronger crop yields and more nutritious diets mean enhanced brain development and cognitive functioning. And now, new shoes mean school uniform compliance and boosted self-esteem.





Africare became a TOMS Giving Partner with their first distributions last fall, augmenting child health initiatives in Liberia and Orphan and Vulnerable Children programs in Malawi. Now that the rains have subsided in Malawi, distributions have begun anew. These distributions in both countries are just the start of a series, so new shoes will get delivered as the local children grow.

“Africare’s work across our various projects have as a main goal the strengthening of local leadership and management skills, with the vision of sustainability,” explains Africare/Malawi Country Director Enrique Maradiaga. “The Africare-TOMS partnership won’t be a permanent solution to the problems that plague the region, but Africare and TOMS can work together to build stronger self-esteem and pride in our child